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Changing my makeup routine is something that occurs seasonally, especially the transition from the cool winter tones to vibrant summer shades. Summer is all about colour for me - I love to spice up my eyeshadow routine by adding a splash of colour to my crease or applying a dramatic orange lip. Either way, I am always excited to increase my Summer appropriate makeup collection. As you will see throughout the next few months, many of my upcoming posts will show you how I like to style my clothes, what I get up to and of course, my go-to makeup of the ever-loved season of Summer.

Today's post includes a beautiful little palette chaperoned by a very practical blending brush...more onto that later. First, I'm here to talk about Cloud 10 Beauty - an incredible online online retailer, similar to Feel Unique, that sells some of the nation's most popular brands including : Sleek, Bioderma, Bourjois, theBalm, EOS, Eylure, Sigma and many other worldwide favourites. Want to know the products I received in my first ever parcel from Cloud 10 Beauty? Then carry on reading, I'm sure you will love the palette as much as I do... 

Storm - one of the most raved about palettes since I bought my first product Sleek product. I was ecstatic when I received this; an array of deep colours that push me out of my comfort zone. I'm not one to wear lots of bright, 'out-there' shades, as I don't think they suit me but I do love to add a pop of colour to an Summer outfit. This palette will do just the job because the blue and green shadows are toned down, allowing those who aren't as comfortable at pulling off crazy colour, like myself, the chance to branch out a bit more. Prior to this package, I own and have tried Sleek shadows before so I was expecting great things from this palette. The creamy and highly pigmented formula enabled the product to be applied onto both the lid and the crease with ease. Pigmentation is something I love about eyeshadow; the product can last for ages as you only need the tiniest amount on your brush. Also, the chalky texture allows efficient blending - when I first swatched the Sleek shadows in store, I was scared about the chalky feel. However, the product is easily blendable and simply to work with. I would also recommend applying this before face makeup as you can get a lot of fall out on your cheeks. Finally, the palette is filled with matte and shimmer shades - the shimmer are so pretty for evening wear and the matte shades are insane as transition colours. My favourite shades are Sand Storm (a golden glitter), Perfect Storm (a rose gold) and Storm Cloud (a cool-toned green, not my usual type but I think it will look pretty against dark eyes). 

Cloud 10 Beauty clearly thought about practicality when they generously sent a blending brush alongside the palette. This was exciting as I had never used, or heard of, Blank Canvas Cosmetics before; an Irish Cosmetics brand that sell brushes, applicators and makeup products. The brush sent was perfect to fit comfortably in my crease, not too big and not too small. The thin, fluffy bristles allow product to be swept over the lid, creating a soft finish as well as being flexible to fit into the crease. E10 was utilised to my advantage; this is simply because I do not get on with the doe-foot applicators present in drugstore, and even highend, shadow palettes. They always apply products too cakey onto my lid and feel rough against my skin. Fortunately, Blank Canvas Cosmetics had soft-haired brushes that left my lids in good, healthy condition, as they should be! Haha! If you want to pick up a bargain, definitely head over to Cloud 10 Beauty through the link above as all eye brushes are below £10 which is insane for the quality you are given.

Let me know if you wish to see an in-depth eye look revolving around these two products, either on my blog or my upcoming Youtube channel.

Do you own anything from Sleek or Blank Canvas? What is your go-to eye look for the Summer?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Cloud 10 Beauty; however all opinions are honest and my own.

Being an extreme beauty/fashion enthusiast with a passion for Youtube, I've decided to bite the bullet and start a channel. Hold on...I am yet to upload a video but you will see why later in this post. You won't be waiting for long though. For over 5 years now, I have been an avid Youtube lover and huge fan of many big, small, old and recent Youtubers. Seeing everyone express their personality and passions over a camera is something that really fascinates me - I do a lot of performing, singing and dancing on a regular basis, as that is the career path I dream of pursuing, so I thought why not give Youtube a shot?! This way it was coincide with my future career choices, my beauty and fashion blog and my love for Youtube. Writing is something I find very therapeutic so love to tell you all my latest buys and review them, however I thought delving into a Youtube channel would push my creative senses into finding ways to engage with people and expressing my favourites in a different way. This in no way means I will neglect my blog - I will still update it AT LEAST twice a week (and a lot through the Summer); I've already planned multiple blog posts that will collaborate with my video ideas. For instance, I would film a 'Get Ready With Me' makeup look over on my channel and an outfit post would be there on my blog - this way I can satisfy those who love beauty one way, and fashionistas the other (or both if you're like me!) 


For some reason, I have never invested in a DSLR camera - over the years, I've had to put up with awful digital ones with poor quality that break easily, resulting in me sometimes having to use my pixelated iPhone 5s. NOT GOOD. However, as I am proper into getting a Youtube up and running, I have decided to spend my next wages on a DSLR camera. I definitely think I'm going to go for one of the Canon EOS series or a Nikon - I'm not fab with technology and all the fancy things cameras can do at the minute so do let me know if you have any recommendations. I will hopefully get the hang of it after a while! Most importantly, I want my videos have good quality - something that has an heir of professionalism and potential. Oh and this would also aid my blog because I will finally have better quality photos to accompany my writing!!


Now this is the fun part. I have so many plans and ideas of what I want to go up on my Youtube channel. Like my blog, my Youtube is going to be based around beauty and fashion, however it won't solely focus on these. I would also like to film some challenges to help express my personality more. As a blogger, it may be hard to sometimes get your personality across to your audience as people can interpret words in many different ways. Therefore, my personality will hopefully come across stronger through videos. This leads me onto my next thing - VLOGGING. I would absolutely love to vlog and share my daily life with you (if you would be interested) although I have a feeling I will be very nervous to do it publicly. This confidence level should boost up over time, hopefully. My first post will definitely be an 'everyday makeup routine', as they are a classic. This way you can all see if you like my style and whether you want me to carry on making videos. I'm also planning on going to cool locations to film a 'Summer Lookbook', which would be super fun. I love creating outfits that coincide with a season! Leave a comment below telling me your favourite type of Youtube video to watch! 


My blog and passions are my main reasons for starting a Youtube channel but I do have a few channels that inspire me with their personality, content and overall appearance. Olivia Jade is a beautiful American Youtuber who films mainly beauty videos with a few hauls, fashion and challenges now and again. I love her style and how adorable she is - she is doing so well for a 16 year old! One of my absolute all-time-favourites has to be Shani Grimmond (someone who many people compare Oliva Jade to, looks-wise) - Shani is an Australian Youtuber who appears so genuine, honest with her viewers and down-right hilarious. I literally sit in my bed watching her videos crying my eyes out!! She is incredible at makeup tutorials too. Recently, I've been loving Saffron Barker - a 16 year old daily vlogger - she manages to upload a vlog everyday with a main channel video up every weekend. You can see how much commitment she puts into making her viewers happy and that's what makes me love her more, as well as the fact her confidence is so uplifting. Finally, you just have to love the Saccone Joly's - an Irish born family living in the UK. I love them - their family, dogs and overall positivity. They have gone through some tough times recently and they still remain so strong - I love their enthusiasm and hardwork, always a pick-me-up on those days where I'm feeling down. I follow them on every social media, guilty!

If you've got this far - well done and thank you so much for reading. Sorry if this isn't a post of interest to you but I just wanted to make you guys aware, in case you were interested. If you would like to watch my videos, click the link below which will direct you to my channel. 

Subscribe if you're feeling nice :) Before I forget, I have also make a blogger/vlogger snapchat which is now up and running. My username is : scarletslippers - so if you want to be updated on my blog and my youtube videos, maybe even a bit of vlogging, then don't hesitate to add me!

Lots of love

When it comes to summer fashion, I am all about the trends highstreet shops have to offer, as well as the classical summer pieces I can never seem to let of. I love how highstreet stores and online boutiques create fashion pieces that mimick designer material, allowing those who can't quite afford a jewel-embellished Valentino jumpsuit the chance to style something similar. This year I'm totally loving the off shoulder theme - most people have been rocking this everywhere I seem to go. Off the shoulder pieces look extremely classy and look good as simple tops (with beautiful fringing), playsuits AND summer dresses. Being a poor sufferer of sweating to death in warm weather, I tend to steer clear of thick materials so summer is a time for chiffon, lace and maybe mesh if I'm feeling confident. I cannot stand restrictive clothing/material that sticks to you as you try to enjoy a gorgeous Summer's day (something England lacks highly, so when we do get a bit of sunshine, we want to make the most of it whilst feel comfortable also). 


Being a huge fan of Boutique of Molly clothing and the incredible creator herself, I was thrilled to style another of her gorgeous playsuits. The effort into forming quality materials, in-trend pieces and clothing that people love is taken to another level. Effort was clearly shown in this stunning white playsuit number. I am in love with wearing white in Summer; it complements my brunette hair and highlights sunkissed skin. This would be a complete holiday evening winner! The Mila playsuit is made of thin, chiffon material with intricate crotchet details on the arm cuffs and above the chest and an off-the-shoulder element. Although I'm a huge fan of the off shoulder trend, I can sometimes find it uncomfortable to suit bras to my outfit or feel like the piece isn't supportive enough, leaving me exposed! However, this fashion statement has thin straps to ensure unwanted exposure is prohibited and that you are not feeling paranoid. Finally, the piece has a vintage essence - the cuffed crotchet sleeves fan out as flares. The combination of vintage and modern trends enhances the playsuit's uniqueness. As you can tell, I'm loving it!!

To accompany this classy evening outfit, I paired it with my gorgeous shoes, which I must say were a fabulous Missguided bargain (£12) - white open-toed strap heels with gold embellishment around the ankle. Additionally, my jewellery consisted of silver-jewelled earrings, my much-loved Pandora bracelet and Swarovski Vittore ring. Silver jewellery is literally my thing at the minute, which you would know if you followed my social media. I think it can add such a element of class to ANY outfit and I am obsessed. Let me know in the comments if you have any jewellery inspo/pieces you want to share with me.

Eyes - Nars Callisto
Lips - Collection Creme Puff 03
Highlight - Balm Mary Lou Manizer

Boutique of Molly have some incredible in trend pieces which you can check out here. My favourites have to be the 'Zoe Crotchet Playsuit' and the 'Pia Off Shoulder Top'. Make sure to check them out to ensure you Summer wardrobe is prepared for the upcoming season ahead.  BOM also have a stunning luxury range too if you are willing to splash the cash or are looking for something prom appropriate!

Check out their social media:




What is your favourite Summer piece in your wardrobe? What Summer trend are you loving?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with BOM; however all opinions are honest and my own.

Rebateszone Scarlet Slipper

Historical evidence suggests that by 8000 BC humans had started domesticating animals. It was also during this time that the concept of agriculture was developed. After these two things had been
achieved, civilization came along naturally. The oldest known human civilization to date is the
Mesopotamian civilization. And even as far back as that beauty was a thing worthy of pursuit. Almond oil, a material used in most modern moisturizers, was the primary moisturizer used to beautify the skin. It was also used as a perfume. Likewise, another popular product today, kohl (eye liner), was used by Mesopotamians for beauty and to treat eye diseases.

After such a long history documenting the pursuit of beauty, it is only natural that we are inclined to
follow in the footsteps of our ancestors. It is not only essential from a purely aesthetic perspective, but also from a health perspective. Taking care of your skin and body will keep you away from awful
diseases and fast aging. However, we understand that beauty was generally considered a pastime of the rich. This is no longer valid. Today we have something which the past generations did not: extensive knowledge of the human body. So, we disagree with the popular perception that pursuing beauty is expensive. But, it does take your time.

The best way to go about it is to make a routine and follow it strictly. Divide activities on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis. Daily activities would cover proper hygiene and a good night’s sleep, along with a good healthy diet. Weekly activities can include yoga sessions, hair care, taking care of your nails, have a spa like experience, etc. Fortnightly activities include hair removal, manicure, pedicure, etc. Of course, most of these are a matter of personal preference and you can devise your own activities along the way. You can buy most of the stuff via these coupons from Groupon.

We have arranged all this and more in a neat little infographic to make it easy for you. Modify it to your needs for maximum benefit.

After so many years of neglecting my skin, I have decided to branch out and explore the wonderful world of skincare. I'm not saying I never used any skin products before, but all of them were drugstore brands. That isn't necessarily wrong, but I seemed to follow the crowd and buy products that weren't beneficial to my skin type. Over the years, I have developed really dry skin; probably due to my lack of consistency when it comes to a skin care regime. However, I've come to terms with my skin type - very dry on the lower cheeks, normal-oily in the T Zone as well as suffering redness and dark eye circles. I am yet to find a perfect eye cream to soothe the discolouration under my eyes but I think I've finally found the products that are progressively improving my skin...

Aurelia Skincare is a British company that thrive to manufacture probiotic products for women to feel better, and confident, naturally. Their probiotic technology is combined with bioorganic botanical formulations to create a luxurious, and natural, feel on the skin. Aurelia conjures incredibly scented formulations that help to reduce levels of skin inflammation to create a perfect balance within the skin. With that being said, I was so excited to test out samples from their range, as my skin becomes red easily. I was happy to put their claims to the goes... 

Oh and the products are all animal-cruelty free! BONUS!!


First and foremost, the lovely women I spoke to via their email service was incredibly helpful. She advised products that would help with my dry and dull skin, offering me knowledge into what I should use to improve my skin's impurities. On arrival, my luxurious packaged samples were placed in a classy black box (which I'm now using for storage - practical!!). The products were encased in several layers of tissue paper and pretty brand-imprinted ribbons; I love when brands make that extra effort the please their customers. It simply shows pride and care in their brand. Also, the delivery took only 2 days to arrive - so if you are struggling to grasp something to save your skin, I would totally recommend popping your desired product for Aurelia into your basket.

Miracle Cleanser - The chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot infused cleanser sinks, and soothes, into my dry skin. Over the two weeks of using this to remove makeup and generally cleanse my face in the day and night, I have honestly (HAND ON HEART) felt a gigantic improvement. Not only does it remove dirt and bacteria that builds up in your skin throughout the day, it moisturizes and hydrates my face, making it feel soft and replenished. The scent is light with its floral feminine undertones, making it a pleasure to apply to my face morning and night.

Refine and Polish Miracle Balm - A product responsible for benefiting my dull, red skin. The ingredients combined in this balm formula aid balance and protection of the skin, whilst brightening my overall complexion. The same scent is used from the product mentioned above, making me more keen to pick this up and use it at the end of the day, rather than being lazy like I usually am! Aurelia advise their balm buyers to gently massage the formula into their skin - this helps to boost circulation and reveal a brighter and clearer appearance. I've also used this product as a mask, as well as exfoliant, once a week. This helps to target dead/dry cells that may surface on the skin. Unlike my past exfoliants, this balm doesn't force you to tug on the skin - the formula glides on and off whilst removing dirt.

Accompanying my cleanser and balm, was this adorably wrapped muslin cloth. You are able to buy a set of 7 bamboo muslin cloths here - one for each day of the week! The smooth, organic material is soft, also aiding no tugging at the skin which can cause irritation. They are also antibacterial so will be no harm to the skin - I gently remove the cleanser with this muslin cloth in small circular motions over my face. The bacteria and other nasties will be lifted from the skin onto the material - this can they be easily washed to become fresh again.

Revitalise & Glow Serum - One of the top products the kind lady at Aurelia recommended was this serum. I didn't know much about serums until I read some articles on them after receiving and the description that accompanies the product. 'A lightweight and easily absorbed potent age prevention fluid.Concentrated BioOrganic 100% pure botanicals include Baobab which is rich in precious Omega 3, 6 & 9 to revitalise the skin, soothing and firming Kigelia Africana and Hibiscus to fight oxidative stress, combined with a powerful dose of vitamin E.  this addictive serum works to hydrate and soothe dull and dehydrated skin promoting a luminous, dewy and radiant glow whilst helping to prevent skin ageing.' After two weeks of regular use, my skin has started to become slightly more radiant than usual, making me excited to use this further to ensure dull skin is no longer a problem for me!!!

Cell Repair Night Oil - Never owning a luxury night oil is something that has definitely negatively impacted me regarding my current skin situation. This stuff has never made my skin feel better - my favourite product of all received. I've applied this to my face most nights (I accidentally forgot 2 oops!) and when I wake up, my skin feels awakened and hydrated. This was a huge deal for me - I usually wake up and want to scream at my dull, dry skin when I look in the mirror. However, consistent use of night oil has helped revitalise my skin into the best state it ever has been. So so happy with the outcome of this product!

Aromatic Repair and Brighten Hand Cream - Testing a luxury hand cream had never really came to mind - I always stuck with a mini moisturizer as a handbag essential and didn't think much of it. I always like to keep a hand cream/sanitizer in my bag in case my hands feel dry (EVERYDAY!!) or I've been touching lots of bacteria prone surfaces. By the way, I'm not one of those crazy clean freaks, I've just recently seen so many videos on bacteria gathering in areas you never even thought were an issue and it kind of freaked me out... Anyway, my hands are easily super clammy or excessively dry so I'm hoping this can help me to achieve the perfect balance. The formula is creamy and works its way into the skin to achieve a moisturized finish. Aurelia states that this helps to nail strength - another exciting factor as my nails are super brittle. Will let you all know how I get on with this!

You can purchase Aurelia Skincare online or stockists such as Space NK. If you would like to see a skin care routine using my favourite products from Aurelia's range, leave a comment below and I will be sure to make a Youtube Video when I start up my channel. SUBSCRIBE HERE to be the first to see when I start it up in the next month. 

What's your favourite skincare brand?

Lots of love

This post is in collaboration with Aurelia; however, all opinions are honest and my own.
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