Wedding Flowers' Meanings - An Important Floral Guide For Brides and Grooms you know that your wedding flowers could be saying more about you than you think they are? Every flower has a traditionally accepted meaning, so make sure that you understand what each type represents before ordering wedding flower arrangements or bridal bouquets.

Meanings of Popular Wedding Flowers

These flowers are generally affordable, easily available, and a wedding florist will have lots of experience working with these types of flowers in bouquets and wedding arrangements.

Cala lilies - represent beauty and elegance. They a slender, delicate, distinctive bloom and come in warm tones, from white to orange to red to burgundy.

Tulips - though different colors carry different meanings, in general the tulip symbolizes the perfect lover. Red tulips say "I love you," yellow tulips say "There's sunshine in your smile," and variegated tulips say "Beautiful eyes."

Roses - roses are another flower where each color has its own symbolism. Red is for love, pink for perfect happiness, white for innocence and purity. In addition, unopened rosebuds symbolizes girlhood and youthfulness, and teacup roses mean "I'll remember always." Rose leaves in your wedding floral arrangements mean "You may hope."

Hydrangeas - with their dozens of small yet soft-looking blooms, hydrangeas are often seen in wedding bouquets. Lots of hydrangeas bunched together are opulent without being overwhelming.

Daisies - with their meaning of innocence, loyal love, and purity, daisies make a perfect wedding flower. They come in almost any color imaginable and are very versatile for wedding arrangements and bouquets.

Orchids - orchids are intricate flowers on an equally delicate stem that come in many interesting colors and color combinations. They traditionally mean love, beauty, refinement, and thoughtfulness. They are also a Chinese symbol for "many children."

Peonies - the perfect wedding flower because peonies mean "happy life" and "happy marriage." The giant, fluffy bloom of a peony looks great as a complement to other flowers or as the main component of a bouquet with lots of other peonies. There is a lot of variety in color to choose from.

Hyacinths - a beautiful collection of tiny blooms that are popular wedding flowers, hyacinths have traditionally accepted meanings by color. Blue is for constancy, red or pink is for play, white is for loveliness and piety.

Freesia - traditionally mean trust. These very fragrant, small blooms come in a rainbow of colors including white, lavender, purple, yellow, and red.

Stephanotis - delicate 5-pointed flowers that usually come in white, off-white, or peach tones. They can be used as filler or as the main component of a bridal bouquet, and they are a perfect choice because they symbolize happiness in marriage.

Wedding Bouquet Filler Flowers and their Meanings

Most brides want to add leaves or other small blooms to accentuate the "main course" of their wedding bouquets and floral decorations. Some of the most popular filler flowers and their meanings are:

Lilies of the valley - because of their naturally draping shape and tender, inverted, tiny bell-shaped blooms, lilies of the valley are perfect filler flowers for wedding bouquets, especially teardrop shaped ones. They represent purity, humility, and sweetness.

Ivy - in the recent past, ivy has become a very popular choice for wedding bouquet filler. The deep green color and pointed leaves in a carefree draping shape is very natural and refreshing. Ivy also has a perfect meaning for wedding bouquets: wedded love, affection, fidelity, and friendship. - sprigs of tiny brightly colored yellow blossoms on each branch make forsythia a good filler for wedding bouquets. They traditionally symbolize anticipation, making them a perfect flower to represent the first day of the rest of your life.

Holly - traditionally symbolizes deference and domestic happiness. Because of their reputation as a Christmas flower, they would also be great for holiday and winter weddings. The tiny white flowers and bunches of bright red berries will add a fresh, natural look and feel to your wedding bouquets and wedding floral arrangements.

Nontraditional Wedding Flowers and their Meanings

Some brides don't want to go with the conventional wedding bouquet, and instead want to opt for something truly unique and distinctive. These flowers are less often seen in weddings but have great meanings.

Myrtle - myrtle symbolizes love and is the Hebrew emblem of marriage. Myrtle is an interesting bloom that is sure to get guests talking with its soft, fragrant petals and untamed sprigs shooting from the center of the flower.

Orange blossoms - symbolize eternal love and fruitfulness in marriage. They are an interesting and refreshing choice. The white petals with bright yellow rays leaping from the middle. They are very dramatic in appearance when fully opened.

Camellias - camellias are big blossoms similar in appearance to roses. Like roses, different colors of camellias have their owns meanings: red means "You're a flame in my heart," pink means "Longing for you," and white means "You're adorable."

Flowers are an important visual element of any wedding day, and brides shouldn't choose their flowers before knowing what they mean. Every bloom is a symbol of some sentiment, emotion, or quality. What do you want your wedding flowers to mean?


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