To people that I care.

To people that I care.

"It perfectly fine to cry or to ask for help, it is not a sign of weakness, it is OK to be human, needing love and support"
Lama sudah tidak menulis.

I know to be writing this a day before a final exam paper is absurd, tapi sometimes to let it out is good, no? This few months have been the toughest months for me, and I'm sure for many of my friends. It been gruesome week after week, to the extend you barely breathe, and the fact that your extraordinary effort does not translate into papers, it is just quite frustrating. 

I don't blame anyone not even myself, I've been doing major, I know I have put all my effort into it, and perhaps god has some other surprises waiting at the end of this. I do not know. People cry and look so tense everyday, it feels like I'm dealing with aftermath from a major war. I myself have acted like a total whore sometimes, i guess if you are tired, not enough sleep and knowing that so many things await you, it gets to your nerves, hence the meltdown.

Nothing is clear in life. Everything goes at fast pace around you, sometimes you do not know what you are missing in life. Your best-friend crying for help, your parents think that they are losing you. Freeze your time, look around, appreciate every opportunity you have to say thank you, and ask how are you? it might be the last time you say that.

But today, I'm standing even stronger, I feel like a new person, a new person I did not think exist in myself. I know I have done many stupid things along the way, to whomsoever affected by whatever I do, I am sorry.


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