The worst job for me has got to be cleaning up my room, not that I am bersepah gila, tapi bila semua benda kucar kacir i.e baju dan buku-buku yang melambak-lambak dari firm, to fit these items into limited storage I have is just insane. Walaubagaimana pun berjaya. I like my room, kurang bersepah and everything is in place.

As for now, after having a light buka puasa, I stuck here on my writing table, tak tahu nak buat apa. To tell you the truth, I have so many things to say, but sometimes being the chirpy me, the actually conversation would usually lead to no where. For me, the past  few months have been the best and the worst moments in my life. You know the feeling when you expect so much, and at the end of the day, you get nothing. Rasa kecewa yang tak terhingga, and these few months I actually learned how to deal with it. 

One thing for sure, I must learn to put myself as priority. Satu benda yang dipelajari, kita manusia dilahirkan pelbagai rupa dan bentuk, oleh itu kita manusia tidak berkongsi perasaan yang sama. This is not an emotion post, kelakar bila kena ingatkan selalu, it is just me sharing my new found principle of life. 

On lighter note, I am quite happy with the new logo for YSL, well SLP, Saint Laurent Paris. Minimalist and quite modern. Will Hedi Slimane make YSL as boring as Dior Homme? I hope he wouldn't 


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