Sindrom Akut Pakli

Sindrom Akut Pakli

As a proud citizen of Shah Alam, one must understand Konsep Sindrom Akut Pakli. For those who do not understand, you should probably stab yourself in the chest with very sharp object, yang mampu membunuh.

Being me, a total cheapskate, Pak Li was the only option then for a very dark luscious concoction which they called it Ipoh White Coffee. No other intention, but their coffee and crispy kaya toast was the only reason I was there, from the beginning. Soon after, it became the hot spot for people, where if you are lucky you get to see pretty people (i.e by definition: tall, skinny, skanky whore, muscular, handsome, tall and dark with huge boobs/cock) sipping glasses and glasses of blended drinks ala Starbucks while skanky chatting about things like :
  1. Perempuan skanky from university/school with fake titties.
  2. Lelaki handsome (i.e usually imaginary in order to impress others) trying to mengorat.
  3. Luxury items like Birkin Bag from Hermes (to be pronounced : hermES  like herpes) and Chanel bag while scrolling and random pointing at pages from Net-a-porter
  4. Any topic that makes you uber classy.
Since these people are usually extremely pretty and handsome, I couldn't care much about their very bimbo conversation. As long I get my drinks and toast I'm fine. 

Haruslah sebagai manusia, bila dapat information tentang tempat hot, haruslah dikongsi bersama. Oleh itu, ia menjadi satu konsep atau sindrom yang sangat sistematic, dan mengharukan.  Lebih sesuai dikenalkan melalui gambarajah.

Sindrom Akut Pakli

So what do you get today, fully occupied tables, consist of 4-5 men ranges from 19 to 60 years old (selalunya bermuka ala selipar) who anxiously await and praying very hard for the next group of people who walk into the shop  to be a group of very sexy, alluring young women, which these people call, "gadis-gadis cantek with an "e" not i". Selalunya berakhir dengan kekecewaan kerana, yang hadir hanyalah segerombolan sosej.

A normal conversation between these men would be, plans to impress a particular group of gadis-gadis, usually would be a long 2 hours conversation, while gazing softly at the table of the victims. Usually the muka paling selipar would start the conversation with statement like,

"Serious doh, minggu lepas aku lepak sini dengan kawan-kawan aku, lepas tu ada satu group gadis-gadis cantek masuk, dia usha aku tajam shial. Aku macam jual mahal lah. Malas nak layan"
Rasa macam nak barge into the conversation, and say,

"Jual mahal ke, diorang tak minat pada selipar seperti anda?"



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