Soalan utama, siapakah Mat Yo? dan siapakah isterinya? setanding Beckham dan Victoria ke?

Soalan utama, siapakah Mat Yo? dan siapakah isterinya? setanding Beckham dan Victoria ke?


The last time I posted on this blog was probably before the firaun time. Seriously life has been pretty busy yet great. I have been doing things that I didn't even think I have the talent for like, i.e acrobatic gymnastic, kidding .. amazing things in general.

Talking about life, I had quite an encounter yesterday, you know there are times when you just need to socialize with people you have total difference in view and interest? contohnya macam bila dia tanya kita fasal European cup, kita hanya ingat hmm .. sandal minimalis Lanvin atau Nutella Crepe. Atau bila dia cerita fasal Gangster KL dan mutu kualiti lakonan Aaron Aziz dan kita hanya sibuk meneliti aura Ryan Gosling dalam filem Crazy, Sexy, Love.

It is certainly hard to adapt into the environment when you have the opposite interest, especially when you are working in the business where you are expected to liaison with client. Although my skill mesra alam with makcik-makcik and pakcik-pakcik really comes in handy at times, most of the time, while I'm having a good conversation with this people, in my head I'm actually rehearsing what to say, and to tell the truth I feel guilty to be doing that when this people are genuinely mencurahkan perasaan, I'm actually choosing the safest option konon-kononnya interested when I'm actually sumpah seranah at myself try to mind-google what the heck this people are talking about.

So when I came back as I lay down on my bed, I had a short analysis of my usual reaction to such incident, dan tindakbalas normal adalah seperti berikut:
  1. I would pull my tired look, and start staring at random things like keychain, cellphone, the mamak waiter who runs around waiting table, the road, any randon inanimate object that falls onto the road;
  2. pretend to answer a phone call and start talking in some weird language, or maybe bahasa F and saying things like, "Safayafa bofosanfan rafasafa nakfak lemfempengfeng cificahfah nufitefellafa";
  3. Act like im having a seizure and pretend to be unconscious, at least in my head.
OK, and now I feel bad, dammit I need a class, I need a class on how to react to weird conversation, especially on sports, banking matters, shares, and even politics. blurgh.

On lighter note, blue, turkish tiles, minimalist and pocket square are yummy.


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