Locker cum closet.

Locker cum closet.

I finally got myself a metal locker for my room. I gor two. How awesome!

My current obessession has got to be the industrial details, interior, very minimal almost bare, raw. I I've been eyeing on these gorgeous lockers for almost 3 months, and listed to have 145 units, so I wasn't too pushy for it, and finally today I got the time to personally go to the shop and have my close inspections. 

It looked perfect, although it would be even nicer if I could get the tall ones, stack it in five and make a solid closet. Oh yes, only 14 units left. I just had to take two. 

There something so iconic about refurbished furniture. That stories that no one knows, Another one thing I am obsessed about is oversized photo as a headboard. I am scrolling for nice photos that I can blow it up and have it hang on the wall. 

and I am in love with this too, MGMT Electric Feel cover. F. just F.


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