Welcome back post.

Welcome back post.


How fast time passed b. It is amazing to see how I have grown as a person over these years. I know, it sounded to corny and mushy considering the fact that I am only 25 years old, well not exactly I will be 26 this years.  

2014 has got to be one of my delightful years with a tinge of heartache, afraid not, as per Sia, "I have thick skin and an elastic heart". For clearer explanation, with a little application of my legal tricks, I shall enumerate my 2014 stories in tabulated form for better reading,
  1. After 5 gruesome years of studying, and a cup of doubts, I am finally now an official member of the yaya hood of the legal fraternity. It is just amazing to finally complete what ever I planned my life to be, although it just a beginning. I look forward for the new challenges in my career.
  2. I found myself a new hobby or shall I say obsession?  Running. I have always love running, I am not your next door jock, who goes crazy over football, baseball, or anything in that area in fact. I suck at sports, but I lost a lot of weight by just running circa 2004-ish. That love for running, was safely guarded and kept in a box under my blanket for the longest time, until last year. with first 10KM run, and now I am hooked. That feeling knowing that, you have pushed yourself to the limit is indescribable. Thank you to my nutella-like best friends for running with me. (you know who you are.)
  3.  I have finally accepted who I am, The only way one to help oneself is to stay true to oneself and try not to sugar coated facts in the hope that would at least comfort oneself. There are so many thing I have done in my life that I am not proud of, but not once I regretted for taking that path. Everyday is a learning lesson for me. At the end of the day, I know that I have my family and good friends to come back to.
  4. Learn to forgive, I never understood how some people only see others' mistakes and not even once asked themselves, "have I been a good friend/person myself?" I read somewhere that, the worst feeling in life is when one decided to walk away, and stop caring.  As for now, I wish that things would at least be like before, but I am tired of trying, I am letting go the last thread and let the feeling sail away. 
  5. Of all this mushy feelings and stories, I am eager to be a better person, work with my imperfection, stop putting others first before me. Insyallah, God would always be with one who never give up.
  6. I want to start writing casually here also. Ranting about what I think and have seen. Oh and yes, I want to finish reading all these books that I over purchased too.
Quite lengthy for a return post huh?


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