Styling Dungarees // Under £20!!

Styling Dungarees // Under £20!!

Dungarees have become a ongoing trend over the past few summers, with celebs and teens styling them in many a way - from long to short and denim to patterened. Bandeaus with short denim dungarees are my go-to this summer and today's post is here to inform all of my lovely viewers on how to achieve this cute but cool look for under £20!

As Primark do not have an online shop, I've managed to find some cheap deals on Amazon, where the items listed below are very similar to my outfit above :-)
Dungarees - £9 (similar here)
Bandeau - £4 (similar here)
Shoes - £3 
Sunglasses - £3 (similar here)

The outfit above all came from Primark. I know a lot of people don't go to Primark due to many being unorganised and looking like a junk sale but hear me out... go and hit the large Primark outlets! They are insane, HUGE and 100% better than a small highstreet shop. You can find lots of amazing bits and bobs - clothes, accessories, homeware, lingerie, you name it! Each part of the outfit was very inexpensive but hold amazing quality. The shoes and sunglasses being a highlight of mine - both very different from my usual style but loved pairing them with the outfit nonetheless. 

Thank you all for reading and I will talk soon x


p.s This post isn't sponsored - I just love Primark and wanted to express my love for the hargains you can all get your hands on!!


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