9 Nail Polishes You NEED This Summer

9 Nail Polishes You NEED This Summer

Painting my nails is seen to me as a massive chore, mainly due to the fact that I'm awful at it and always end up in a mess. However, in Summer, I have a little more motivation to do so - especially this year because I'm going on holiday with my bestfriend Jess to Turkey!

I thought I would put together my absolute favourite summer time nail polishes for you all incase you are a nail polish hoarder, like myself (I have no idea why I have so many/where they all came from?)

 Dior Samba 794 - A glamorous metallic green-blue polish that reminds me of the glistening waves in a tropical country. This was part of a duo from their Summer Bird of Paradise Collection in 2013.

Barry M Mediterranean Sea - A shade from their aquarium collection which I am deeply in love with. This colour is a rose pink with subtle hints of gold bursting throughout. 

Barry M Grapefruit - This one is part of the Gelly Hi-Shine range meaning they are a dupe of the gel manicures you get in a salon. This vibrant pop of coral/pink looks beautiful on sunkissed skin and holds a gloriously glossy finish.

Yes Love W865 - A neon orange that I would preferably wear on the toenails. You cannot go wrong with bright nail polishes on the toes, they look great during summer - just be careful if you're wearing clashing coloured sandals/flip flops! 

Models Own Lemon Meringue - A toned-down pastel yellow that isn't too 'in your face'. This looks really cute and girly for the day time and only needs one sweep over the nail to create a thick glossy coat.

Essie Mint Candy Apple - An infamous polish loved by all. Not only is this my #1 colour, it also holds all great traits of a fab nail polish. It stays chip free for a good week or so (something very hard to find in a drugstore varnish), the colour in the bottle forms opaquely on the nail with one layer and it applies smooth onto the surface of the nail. A winner from me!

Barry M Blueberry - Another of the Gelly Hi-Shine range. Blueberry, I would describe, as a sky blue that requires a build up of layers to achieve opaque-ness. Another of my absolute favourites from the bunch.

Barry M Indigo - This is a harsh navy shade with deep purple undertones. My favourite toe nail colour would have to be this - it really accentuates a summer tan, even if the sun has kissed you just a little. Although this is a dark shade, I just love how it complements the skin during the summer months.

Models Own Grape Juice - Last but not least is Grape Juice. Desired shade is achieved with two thin coats or a good ol' single thick one. Grape Juice is a soft pastel lilac that is a further great shade for a girly daytime look, just like lemon meringue. 

 What are you favourite Summer nail polishes? Are you going on holiday this Summer?



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