Carry On Flight Essentials

Carry On Flight Essentials

As everyone seems to be heading off to tropical islands and sandy beaches, including myself to Turkey tomorrow evening, I thought I would upload a post dedicated to my hand luggage. Here are my personal holy grail items to carry on board with me whilst on the plane.

My carry on essentials this summer will be stored in my new mint green rucksack, which I can say was an absolute bargain (eight freakin' pounds!!!) from Primark. Not only the rucksack being my favourite colour, it is also a perfect size for storing what I need, helping me to concise with what I require on the flight and will look fabulous with many an outfit when strolling down to the beach.

Books/magazines are a huge must for me on board and during a relaxing holiday. I take a book/magazine or two to pass time on lengthy flights and when chilling in the sun's generous 36 degree rays. Next, a favourite of all - especially for those who despise reading of any sort. Almost everyone I know cannot travel anywhere without taking headphones; listening to music passes time in a fun way. I couldn't forget these - SWEETS! Nothing passes time better than eating and eating and eating until your plane finally lands at your destination. I also like to carry a packet of mints/gum to keep my breath smelling great until I can brush my teeth again. 

The camera I will be taking snaps on this year is my pink digital polaroid, along with my iphone 5s - I tend to get snap happy when I'm soaring through the air and take 100s of photos before I've even arrived of the wonderful views from above. Many people, often older, would much prefer to kill time by taking a long nap on the plane - a good ol' eye mask helps a lot when the plane's on-board lights are on full beam. Penultimately, you musn't forget to shove your purse in before leaving. Imagine how much of a disaster it would be if you had no money to purchase some pointless junk memorabilia?! Finally, sunglasses break almost instantly in a suitcase so I would advise you to take them in your handbag/rucksack. 

Where are you going away this year? What do you NEED in your carry on?



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