Come Fly With Me | Turkey Day 1

Come Fly With Me | Turkey Day 1

During my flight yesterday noon, an idea sprung to mind...I thought I would write a post the following day based on my holiday activities. Not only would this be great for personal memories in the future but I would love to share with friends and viewers what I'm getting up to, all the photographs I take and my planned outfits for both day and night. 

The flight was 4 hours long but it went swiftly, followed by an hour journey up a mountain to our hotel resort; we arrived in the middle of the night so fell asleep almost instantly. (After struggling to connect to wifi at 4am as Jess laughed hysterically considering she connected instantaneously *eye rolls* what are best friends for??) I also forgot to mention that I picked up Mac Soft & Gentle at duty free - so happy after a long time lusting it!!!

Until tomorrow 💖


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