Summer Blushin' // Collab w. Glitter Melody

Summer Blushin' // Collab w. Glitter Melody

Today's post is yet another collab with the wonderful Hannah from Glitter Melody. Together, we have created a very summer-y based collab in which I share with you my favourite blushes this season and where Hannah informs you of her summer lip picks. Make sure to check out her post or head over to her social media accounts below:

Blushes have been my evergrowing addiction this summer; not only do I love my luxurious highend blushes, but I really adore my beautiful drugstore numbers. Today, I thought I'd focus on these bargainous beauties as they're all very afforable - all £10 and under! During the warmer months, I love wearing coral/peach toned colours on my cheeks to compliment the lighter makeup I tend to wear.

1. Sleek Blush by 3 Palette ~ Lace (RRP £10.00)

    My favourite drugstore blushes definitely have to be by Sleek. With complimentary sleek packaging, a fantastic range of seasonal appropriate shades and flattering trios, Sleek definitely get my vote for best blushes of all time. Lace is the one to go for if you're looking for a summer blush palette - the colours are perfect for this season as each are vibrant and hold warm undertones. 

2. Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher ~ Jasper Rose (RRP £7.99)

For those who are a fan of the rose-gold craze, I would definitely take a look at this one. Jasper rose is a pretty rose gold pink that looks gorgeous on the apples of your cheeks. The tiny golden flecks catch the sunlight really easily and enhance your complexion, making your look super healthy. If I'm spending the day in the sun and have little eye makeup on, I will always pop a dab of Jasper Rose on each cheek.

3. Rimmel Stay Blushed! ~ SunKissed Cherry (RRP £4.49)

A liquid formulated blusher is something I hadn't experimented with until the 2015. I'm a huge lover of powder blushes so never expected to love another formula, let alone this one. However, Rimmel's Stay Blushed blends like a dream when applied with a stippling brush. This one is on the orange/coral side of the spectrum - a glittery eye and nude lip makes an amazing combo with Sunkissed Cherry. 

4. E.L.F Baked Blush ~ Peachy Cheeky (RRP £3.75) 

Probably my most worn and most loved summer blush for the longest time - Peachy Cheeky by E.L.F. Baked blushes are one to go for if you want to get a lot for your money. They appear to last forever - I've owned this E.L.F Number for many summers now and it looks almost untouched. The various colours running through the peach basis makes it ever the more pretty in sunlight, just like the bourjois baked blush. 

5. MUA Blusher ~ BonBon (RRP £1.00)

Those who don't like spending a lot on makeup, head on over to the MUA counter in your local superdrug. They offer fab little makeup pieces for reasonable prices. Even though their standard/quality isn't as wonderful as other drugstore brands, they do a few things worth trying out. For instance, their blushes and lipsticks are products that particularly stand out for me. I loved the look of bonbon for summer, a muted pink for days you want your makeup to look slightly more lowkey and natural. The colour payoff is super pretty, just make sure to spend a while blending it in as the powdery formula can cause issues from time to time.

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer! What have you been up to? What are your favourite blushes to wear in the summer?

Don't forget to check out Hannah's favourite lipsticks :-)

Lots of love


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