Miss Dior Eau de Parfum // Review

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum // Review

Being a lover of all things pretty and floral, I was delighted to receive the combination in the form of a bow-tied, luxurious bottle crafted by the people at Dior. My boyfriend gifted me this little glass-encased beauty to celebrate our 2 years of being together - he does treat me well!

MISS DIOR EAU DE PARFUM is a sweet scented fragrance, with warm notes of sandalwood, spice (+ all things nice), that doesn't come cheap at £70 for a 50ml bottle. Despite the extortionate price boundary, a single spray of this sophisticated odour can evoke a sensual, elegant touch to any girl's outfit.  This perfume could possibly be my favourite accessory of the year; it keeps me smelling wonderful from day to night - without having to spritz more than once! The overall scent given off can make you feel refreshed during the morning and classy in the evenings. I am just in love with the overall effect this perfume has on me, my body and the people surrounding me.

The fragrance is said to represent freedom and seduction; the perfume essentially being created for 'elegant and spirited young women in love'. They have to be hinting at me, right?! Anyway, the fragrance is composed of some many wonderful substances that develop into an array of smells hour by hour. Starting off with a prelude of sharp citrus scents that blossom into a variety of floral numbers. As the hours progress, the smell descends into a soft, noble musk that lingers on your clothing until washed. 

Overall, I am completely thrilled to have this fragrance in my collection. I've never owned a perfume from Dior and I've had a wonderful experience. Here's to many more deluxe Dior aromas in the future!

What are your favourite perfumes and scents?



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