My Current Nars Favourites

My Current Nars Favourites

Good evening! 

Today, I'd like to give a brief overview of all my current favourites; let us delve into my small collection shall we?

~ Nars 'Orgasm' Blusher ~
A beauty cult favourite, loved by all. This peachy-pink gold toned blush looks stunning in sunlight, the glitters bounce of the face enhancing natural beauty to the cheeks. One of those beauty faves you can't live without, especially in the Winter months when you need that extra flush of colour.

~ Nars 'Callisto' Dual Intensity Eyeshadow ~
A recent addition to my Nars favourites is this glittery, lilac-reflecting champagne mono eyeshadow. After falling in love with the high shine factor, intense pigmentation, frosty finish and lack of fallout, I just HAD to mention it in this post. I'm on the hunt for Dione and Himalia now, they are stunning shades too!

~ Nars 'Charlotte' Audacious Lipstick ~ 
All of you A/W makeup fanantics,like myself, will love this dark red lippie. A sophisticated option for a meal out or just to simply match an outfit, this one does the job! The smooth application is heavenly and leaves your lips feeling big and full; you don't even need lip liner girls!!!

~ Nars 'Mysterious Red' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ~
This one is gorgeous and a classic; a very warm opaque brick red that is an honest showstopper for me. Despite it being striking and bold, this is a colour you and many have probably seen before. The thing that makes these lip pencils so special is the flat matte finish whilst among feeling surprisingly smooth upon the lips. Oh, and who doesn't love a crayon styled lip product?! Just line and fill in your lips...SIMPLE!

I hope you liked reading about my current obsessions on the Nars front (I'd also like to add I'm a huge fan of their radiant creamy concealer but completely forgot about it - OOPS!). 

Do you own a NARS product? If so, what is your favourite beauty item from this brand?

Lots of love


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