The Best Drugstore Full Coverage Foundation

The Best Drugstore Full Coverage Foundation

If you know me, you'll know my undeniable love for a full coverage face - especially in the Winter! I just love having a 'perfect' complexion; although my skin rarely has spots, it is very discoloured and my overly red cheeks aren't at all appealing if I do say so myself. To solve this issue, I am constantly purchasing foundations that I hear are great to form an airbrushed, smooth base and this time I found one from the drugstore - a definite rarity!!!

In my time of trying out drugstore bases, I have never turned to Revlon. I have absolutely no idea why I didn't, as I luuurve Revlon eye and lip products! Anyway, I've seen numerous people rave about this foundation over the past few months so I thought I'd give it a go...

The Revlon Colorstay foundations are available in an array of colours and formulations, suitable for every skin type. I opted for combination/dry because I mainly suffer with dry patches in the Winter, however my T-zone remains oily all year round...great! This formulation works effectively on my skin, giving my complexion a warm, winter glow. When it comes to application, I either use a damp beauty blender or the dense-bristled base brush to blend into the skin. Due to the formulation being extremely smooth, it makes blending a dream.

A full coverage is achieved with two thin, even layers - this hides any blemishes and corrects any discoloration. On an average day, this base lasts for 10 hours before slipping off the face (without powder) and roughly 12-14 with powder keeping it in place; therefore does not match the claim, for me, on lasting 24 hours. But who even wears foundation for 24 hours, eh?! The only other flaw I've faced with the Revlon Colorstay is that there isn't a pump so you have to pour the product out. This can be very impractical and get quite messy in my makeup bag.

Overall, I totally recommend this foundation to anyone who is lover, like me, of full coverage bases or those who like skin-specific foundations. Revlon are the one to visit!

What foundation are you wearing this Winter?

Lots of love

Charlotte x


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