Festive Nail Polishes

Festive Nail Polishes

Nail polishes become one of my favourite things around Christmas time. During the rest of the year, I usually find painting my nails an irritating chore but when Christmas arrives, I can't help feeling completely happy as I spruce up my nails with a red, green or glitter polish. 

At the beginning of the month, I attended Clothes Show Live with my best friend, Jess, and I received tonnes more nail varnishes to add to my winter/Christmas collection - a few of which will be included in this mini top 5 post. Enjoy! x


Models Own - Scarlet Sparkle (a rich, Christmas red with thousands of ruby sparkles)

Models Own - Catherine Wheel (flecks of gold/red glitter strands that simply sum up Christmas)

Mint London - Hyper (cool green,blue tones with glitter to enhance those winter vibes)

Barry M - Silver (perfect for winter events to add some class to your outfit)

Barry M - Watermelon (a deep, sultry green to match your Christmas tree)

Lots of love 


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