Backless Wedding Dresses 2016 | CocoMelody

Backless Wedding Dresses 2016 | CocoMelody

Today I have teamed up with the people at CocoMelody to showcase their beautiful 'Backless Wedding Dresses' of 2016. I am overly obsessed with wedding dresses and how they can complement different peoples figures/desires so I would like you to share my favourite dresses from their collection.

                                                                           Dress 1 

My favourite of all CocoMelody's Backless Wedding Dresses 2016 has to be this stunning sleeveless ivory laced number; the deep back-cut makes the dress look eloquent, yet modern, whilst on the body, making design extremely pleasing to look at. The intricate laced details add such a gentle touch to the outfit - I would be more than happy if I could pull off this absolutely gorgeous backless wedding dress.

Dress 2 

This one is a more classic, vintage wedding look - beautifully laced upper body detail with a soft satin finish waist downwards. The underneath of the dress creates a large flowing dress, accentuating the waist and chest; I personally think this makes your upper body look particularly slim, something most girls would look for when dress viewing. Finally, the subtle mauve ribbon tied into a bow adds that ultimate elegance to the overall look.

Just to tickle everyone's fancy, I decided to include this beautiful short wedding dress, also with a lovely backless detail. Many shorter girls opt for shorter wedding dresses because they believe, and are usually advised, that they best suit their figures/height. I know if I was a lot smaller (I WISH!!) I would totally rock up to my wedding in this pretty a-line gown covered in thousands of tiny flowers and glimmering gems. This just gives me a Disney princess vibe and who wouldn't want to feel like royalty on their wedding day, eh?!

Those of you who are loving this Backless Wedding Dress collection should definitely check out their other dresses, alongside CocoMelody's current sale - don't miss out on a great bargain!

Lots of love


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