Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette | Review

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette | Review

After witnessing the huge social media and blogger/vlogger community craze about Gwen Stefani's limited edition eyeshadow palette, I couldn't resist not buying it for myself. This palette is different from any I currently own - a mixture of fun, qwerky colours combined with neutral/champagne shades. Versatility is such an important component to any palette, making it perfect for travelling, as well as enabling day/night use and opening up the audience to those who love neutrals, colours or both.

Being a huge fan of Urban Decay and their incredible, best-selling eyeshadow palettes, I was never worried about the pigmentation or look on the lid. Encased in a classy golden compact, there lay 15 shades, ranging from beiges, taupes, golds to popping,vibrant colours. The palette was smaller than I anticipated but that wasn't too much of an issue because it will be handy to slip into my makeup bag when I'm out-and-about!


Blonde - a warm, ivory/beige with a hint of pink iridescence

Bathwater - subtle golden beige with warm undertones

Skimp - a neutral peach with a satin sheen effect

Steady - a metallic, peachy/copper shade with high warm undertones

Punk - a  matte, muted plum with berry-like undertones

Baby - a sparkly rose-copper shade that appears rose-gold on the lid

Anaheim - a soft, taupe matte (something I love to shove in my crease on a lazy day)

Stark - a naked peachy beige, perfect as a transition colour

Zone - a standard medium brown, matte & muted

Serious - a dark smoky gray with tiny glitters, purple undertones

Pop - a champagne, coral with intense iridescent sparkle

Harajuku - a frosty, vibrant pink with intense blue undertones

Danger - a rich royal blue with lots of sparkle/shimmer

1987 - a classy metallic yellow-gold with a frosty finish

Blackout - a matte black (from the Naked 2 also, perfect for lining the eyes) 

Overall, as expected, the pigmentation and colour payoff is, and will always be, flawless on Urban Decay's behalf. They never fail to impress me with their beautifully arranged eye shadow palettes and creamy, pigmented colours. My top 3 fave colours from the palette have to be : Punk, Baby and Pop!

Grab one now before they leave the shops -REMEMBER they are only limited edition!!!

What are your favourite shades from the palette? Do you love Urban Decay makeup as much as I do?!

Lots of love


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