Wedding Dresses 2016 | ROSA NOVIAS

Wedding Dresses 2016 | ROSA NOVIAS

WOOHOO! We've entered 2016 and I'm so excited for the year ahead of me. I know a lot of people, like myself, hoping for this year to be filled with happiness, optimism, (weight loss) and for their wishes to come true. So...when Rosa Novias contacted me to write a post about their gorgeous wedding dresses/site I was in! How could I miss an opportunity where I'm able to ramble about dresses I hope to be wearing/trying on in the future?!

Gentle Lace Zipper Floor-length Sweetheart Empire Bridal Gown 

This beautiful gown, and the last one I'll be talking about, are 2 of my dream wedding dresses. The style of them is so flattering; it enhances your chest, hugs your curves and flows into a gorgeous white pool at the floor. I'm a huge fan of the lace detailing at the top of the dress; I think it creates that extra class/elegance to the outfit. IN LOOOOVE!!!

Another lace-trimmed number, but this time with a vintage edge to it - the classic white wedding has been altered to a warm, soft beige to form that older, vintage look. The minimal embroided jewels and intricate lace detailing help to express the this vintage take of a wedding and I really love how this looks and shapes the models figure.

Charming Hand Made Flowers Bateau Neck Cap Sleeve A-line Tulle Wedding Dress

A chic, floral gown with chiffon fabric trailing into a small tail at the floor surface. This depicts a super girly dress - the way the white flowers are scattered provide a feminine essence to the outfit. I know so many people who would love to wear this girly dress for their wedding day.

A-Line Short Sleeve Bateau Appliqued Lace Mini Wedding Dresses 

For those into shorter wedding dresses (I know a few shorter females feel that shorter dresses look best on them), here's one for you. This short-sleeved, lacey number would be perfect for myself because I'd want my shoulders hidden. Also, I adore the mini scalloped hem at the bottom of the dress because it is so unique to the standard-styled wedding dresses. Finally, how could I not mention the cute bow at the back of the dress? Adorable.

Another one for those who prefer the shorter dresses, this is cute, sweet girly dress that again, hugs at your waist to give off that skinnier look (something we all want eh?). Moreover, I love the contrast in the beautifully laced sleeves to the chiffon flowing material that hangs lightly above the knees. A contrast in material can seriously look stunning when worn with the right accessories to embrace it.

Finally, I have my ultimate dress of the post - a glamorous, royal outfit involving intense lace embroidery and gorgeous little gems. This model completely works this gown, making it look stunning on her figure, expressing the ever-so classy look and pairing the outfit with appropriate jewelled earrings to match the dress. I'm in utter awe at this dress and it has quickly become my dream wedding gown.

Not only do Rosa Novias sell online's most beautiful wedding dresses, they offer outfits for other prestigious occasions, like Prom, Bridesmaid and Evening Dresses. Don't forget to check out what they have in store because I can guarantee you will fall head over heels for a gorgeous dress. Treat yourselves or keep it in mind for your special day!

Lots of love


This post was in collaboration with Rosa Novias, however all opinions are honest and my own.


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