Westfield Shopping Haul

Westfield Shopping Haul

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and his family took a trip to London for a shopping day at Westfield Stratford. I hadn't been shopping in while so ended up splashing my money on a few things, alongside raking in some of the best January sales.

MAC Blush - Melba

A soft peach blush which I was in great need of. I really wanted a natural blush shade for everyday use and the subtle coral tones make this perfect for the upcoming spring season.

Forever 21 - Striped Top

A basic, but staple, wardrobe piece which I was unfortunately at loss of; thus, I picked one up on my shopping journey as I thought it would be a perfect addition to my sixth form wardrobe.

American Eagle Outfitters - Red Suede Boots

Just by looking into the shop windows, I knew the items were right up my street. After taking a quick stroll around the gorgeous clothing pieces, I caught my eye on these set of Heeled Suede Red boots. There was a huge sale on this pair - I got them for £12 from £30!!! Just my luck, they were also in my size, with only two pairs left on the shelf.

Parmar ShoeCare - Black Knee High Boots

An absolute fashion craze at the minute is shirt dresses with a pair of beautiful knee high boots. I am in love with this current trend and decided to pick myself a cheap pair (£20) up just incase they didn't quite suit me.

VS underwear, CK underwear, Topshop Underwear

As I hadn't been shopping in a while, I decided to treat myself to some pretty new underwear. Some may think I went a bit too overboard considering I bought some from three different places but a girl has gotta treat herself every once in a while, right?!

Swarovski Vittore White Ring

My boyfriend's mum was so so lovely and bought me this stunning white, Vittore ring from Swarovski; I cannot stop staring at the embellished sparkling chatons circling the entire ring. I was so grateful and extremely lucky to be surrounded by such loving, generous people.

Tiger (Random Purchases)

I came across this shop called Tiger, of which I had never seen/heard of before in my life. Being drawn to the pretty pastel colours in the window, I had to enter and pick up the most random bunch of items ever. I bought a 2kg weight to help with my fitness (one of my new years resolutions), a notepad because you cant have enough, a little silver bucket to put cute little things in and some cotton buds. Such a weird combination - I know...

Thanks for reading!!

Lots of love


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