Cosy Spring Style for English Weather...

Cosy Spring Style for English Weather...

Spring in England is always so disappointing for me. As much as I would love the days to be warmer, the sun to shine and flowers to bloom, the weather never lives up to my expectations. How I long to live in a country where the weather doesn't fret from one extreme to the next...

Anyway, today's blog post is a collaboration with the beautiful Abi Hunter from the blog Lady Hunter. Her images and writing are so professional; I can never stop myself from reading one post to the next! Her social media and blog will be linked below - don't forget to check her out!

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Whilst I'd much rather get out my daisy designs and summer dresses, it is only practical to stick to cosy attire during the English Spring. Therefore, I've opted for a long-sleeved striped top from Forever 21, a black pencil skirt and some thin opaque black tights. For the Winter to Spring transition, I still tend to wear tights as the weather is not warm enough to start getting my legs out. To make up for that, I tend to wear a light pair of tights to cover up my extremely pale legs, alongside keeping them warm. 

Layering is also essential during Spring, thus I wore a complementary beige knit cardigan to layer on top of the t-shirt. As well as the two pieces complimenting each other, this simply makes me comfortable and warm, whilst dreaming I'm still snuggled up in bed. Over my top, I accessorized with a copper locket. Finally, although not photographed, I paired the outfit with some burgundy heeled boots to invest in a more smart-casual look. 

Ultimately, this look wouldn't be complete without a bold, peachy spring lip to liven up the outfit. I applied a generous coat of Bourjois' Velvet Matte lipstick in 'Peach Club. Benefit's Rockateur blush also came in handy to spruce my cheeks up with a sparkly pink glow.

Where do you live in the World? Do you have issues with the weather where you are?

Lots of love


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