Pink Wedding bouquets

Our look at colour in wedding bouquets continues with Pink.

Pink is once again a very popular choice but there are so many tones and shades baby pink, rose, fuchsia, watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, cerise, hot pink and more.
A lot of pinks will tone together and in many ways a few shades of pink will make the overall look of your wedding blend together. Do bear in mind if you stick to one shade it will be difficult to match exactly with everything; even different fabric in the same colour may give a different shade when all set up. So a few tones/shades will make your life easier.

Through these photos there is a range of flowers, by no means exhaustive, but it will hopefully give you and idea on varieties and colours out there.
We start with the popular gerbera, it comes in many shades and tones but this cerise variety is stunning. You could go all oner colour with these (and add in some bling!)

and then go mixed with ivory for your maids.

Two shades of pink with ivory will look lovely if your maids are in different shades

or for the lighter pink lovers here the light pink and ivory gerbera are teamed with pink roses.

Pale pink gerbera with single peonies for a smaller bridal bouquet

and the bridesmaids were gerbera, freesia, sweet Williams and stallion flowers.

Calla lily also have a few shades in pink, this is one of the best, Garnet Glow. Differing shades through the flower adds texture as well as colour.

For a winter wedding the cute Cyclamen has many pink varieties and is highly scented as a welcome addition.

For a glamorous wedding team a pink garden rose with pink throated cymbidium flowers.

Or use Phalaenopsis orchids with raspberry middles for a modern style bouquet.

Lilies come in many shades but some of the larger flowers may be too big for a standard size bouquet, but you could use a flower or two if using in other designs. This is a small shower bouquet of asiatic lily, roses and eustoma all in pale/mid pink.

Pale garden roses on their own create an elegant posy

Or for a softer look pink and ivory roses with pink feathers mixed in.

Pale pink roses, ivory roses and spray roses

For a hint of darker pink these Sweetheart roses are perfect.

When in season Tulips have gorgeous shades from very pale to purples

A popular choice of flowers, gerbera, roses and hydrangea taking you through from bright to pale all in one bouquet.

For a more raspberry/coral pink these roses and peonies are lovely, always looking good teamed with blue.

A seasonal summer mix of different shades, stocks, roses, spray roses, astrantia, larkspur and sweet peas.

Peonies, roses, spray roses, sweet peas in a tighter posy style

Add in white for a lighter look

Ivory roses, freesia with pink roses and bridal gladioli

Or go all white with a hint of pink

If going with lots of the same flower add in a pop of colour to draw the eye through the design, roses, freesia and spray carnations

Or if having lots of texture lots of the same shade will look gorgeous. White freesia, ivory stocks, pink roses, sweet peas and eustoma

For even more examples and to see whole weddings in pink, search labels - Colour:Pink.....
There will be lots of options and inspiration for you.

If you would like to discuss your pink colour wedding (or any other colour for that matter) please book a consultation soon to start your wedding flower journey.

Sandra x