St Peter at Eastgate Church wedding flowers

Today we take a look at the beautiful church wedding of S & R.
They were married at the beautiful and busy St Peter at Eastgate church. 
We were asked to provide flowers for the entrance including flowers for the gate and archway swell as designs for inside

We tied a couple of 'pew end' style bunches to the metal gate so when opened they hung close to the stone pillars.

The archway was hung delicately to the outside of the recess as fixings allowed. Our beautiful bay trees stood proudly either side the doorway to welcome guests to the ceremony.

It started to rain as we were setting up, always good when up a ladder, but once finished the sun came out (typical) and stayed fine and dry for the rest of the day.

Guests first look at the style of the day.

The beautiful archway was 10 gorgeous blousy ivory roses set amongst ruscus and passiflora foliage with a large organza bow central top.

Beautiful roses and an odd passiflora flower.

The gate flowers of eustoma, freesia, roses and herbs.

We also provided two traditional style pedestals, one for the back of the church

and one for the ceremony space at the front. 
Mostly in ivory and yellow with a hint of lilac to add to the purple theme of the day.

It is a while since I have set up in here and in that time the pews have been replaced with chairs. Sad but it does enable the church to hold different functions within it, and talking to the warden, it has been a really successful undertaking. 
Pew ends therefore are now on chairs. 
We grouped roses, freesia and sol amongst Myrtle, Rosemary, Pistachio and ferns. All tied together with a small organza bow.

On alternate chairs was a larger ivory organza bow.

The brides eye view down the aisle.

The church smelt amazing when we left.

When you have an archway to do, help is required, and they insisted on taking all the photos while I set up and caught me in the act. So a rare action shot of me doing what I do!

The beautiful interior of tis amazing church.

Are you having a church wedding? Getting married in St Peter at Eastgate or another local church? We can style your flowers and aisle as you wish. We have many examples on here, just search labels - Church:.........

We are open to your ideas and love a challenge, we also are very aware of the fabric of the building and always seek permission to arrange anything to the actual building like archways.
We will happily discuss your designs with the vicar or wardens to talk through any fears they may have.

Please get in touch to discuss your church flower styling today

Sandra X