Wedding reception flowers at The Venue Navenby

The wonderful reception of S&R's wedding was held in the lovely The Venue at Navenby. A place we hadn't set up at before but it is a lovely light space that can be dressed to suit your style. Roger who was our contact, was full of ideas that could be used to personalise the space. If you are looking for a venue that is large, seats up to 175, more than most Lincoln venues, and has great space outside, especially if lots of children are attending, then do check it out.

To the flowers;
We were honoured to take this wedding on, a superb colour mix and from previous posts here and here, excellent flowers and designs.
The bride knew more or less what she wanted and it was up to us to create these designs.
The top table wanted to be a long and low, without trailing but a country mix of flowers and foliage to suit the bouquets. 

At either end we placed a small candelabra on a mirror. 
We also placed bay trees around the venue and the two pedestals from the church were being brought up to stand behind the table.

The lovely top table display

Our bay trees with the other wonderful decorations which are by Emma Louise at Elegant Touches, always a pleasure to work alongside this lady.

Our small candelabras adorned the guest tables, again in ivory, yellow and purple with lots of herbs and scented foliage. When the candles are lit and the room is warm these really will fill the air with sweet scent.

Mirrors and candelabras can be hired with or without flowers.

The room is a large space waiting to be filled with your designs and ideas.

Bay trees and candelabras to enhance your guests enjoyment of your wedding day.

All displays are set up for you on the wedding morning and all hired items are dismantled and collected the following day, in conjunction with the venue staff. All included within any quote given. Saving you or your guests hassle in getting items back to us.

If you are holding your wedding reception (or any event) here please do get in touch to ask us how you could style the space.
If you love the designs and are getting wed elsewhere, ask us for a quote to deliver and set up your requirements.

Sandra x